He Can Do It

God shows us how possible He can make the impossible time and time again. When the children of Israel prepared to. Ross over the Jordan River it was at a time when by normal circumstances it would have been impossible. However, because we are reminded in Jer. 32:27 of God’s ability, the children of Israel were able to cross over. God caused the flooding to stop so that His children could pass over. It is encouraging to know that in the midst of what may seem flooding in our lives, or seasons of flooding, our God is able even in these impossibilities to make it possible. His children will pass through and His glory will be seen by all. What’s even more encouraging is that God doesn’t need our help. The children of Israel couldn’t lift the water. They couldn’t control it either. They simply had to have faith in the God who is able. If you’re reading this God can do it, and He will!!!! Have faith. 


Father (less)

Coaching girls basketball for over 10 years has taught me something. I have had young ladies who have had mother and father in their life together. Then I have had young ladies who have nothing to do with their fathers. What bothers me more than the latter statement is those girls whose fathers are present, in proximity, but have nothing to do with their daughters relationship wise. Won’t support them. Won’t even show up to a game. These girls are not fatherless, they just have fathers who do less; almost nothing. How can you watch your princess grow up subject to the predators in this world and not even pick up the phone to check on her? Men let’s do better!

Missing Connection

Have you ever been surfing the ‘www’ and all of a sudden your connection is terminated? You run your mouse over the bars in the lower right hand corner (because there is a yellow triangle there now) and it says that it cannot connect to internet. I have noticed that if there is no connection established then there can be no transferal of data. So is the case in the father-son relationship. Raising my four children I have come to realize that an important connection is made early in their life. Those years where you are holding them, changing them, waking up through the night to feed them. Those years that you toil with their crying and pacify their teething. These are connections that are often missed by the male. I have heard females even make the excuse for their ‘baby daddies’ that ‘he don’t know how to change a diaper.’ I ask, when will he learn. You see, too many males are being let off the hook. If Johnny rolled over at 3 am and decided to have intercourse with you, then I believe Johnny needs to roll over at 3 am and feed little Johnny.

These are important connections in the life of our children. Because these connections are not made then important data is not being transferred. Fathers go missing. Children lose important pieces to their life puzzles. Homes are torn up, or never properly established. My male folk, let’s establish some healthy connections early in the lives of our children. Let’s take responsibility for the connections that are missing. Women, stop making excuses for him. It’s his child as well and you should not have to shoulder the load alone. If you are not together then he should have just as much responsibility as you. Hold that man accountable to making those connections good!

Stick with God

Have you ever felt like you heard from God certainly concerning something, only to have friends and even family come along and try to discredit what you say you most certainly heard? Abraham had heard what was told him by God in Gen. 15. Gold told Abraham that his seed was going to come from his own bowels (KJV)/ ‘own body’ (NKJV). God ordained that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh. So, then Abraham and Sarah were one as husband and wife. This should have been clear to Abraham as to the one from which his seed would come. However much time passed and Abraham’s wife spoke to Abraham something different (Gen. 16) than what God had shown him. The Bible says that Abraham heeded the voice of Sarah (NKJV). Instead of sticking with God Abraham gave in to the voice of Sarah. In God’s graciousness the covenant still stood. Abraham was 86 when Ishmael was born. He was 100 when Isaac was born, but God kept His word 25 years after Abraham left Haran. Despite what our family and friends tell us let us stick with God. If God has made it as clear to us as He did to Abraham, let us not become doubtful no matter how long the wait. Remember God’s delay is not God’s denial. Stick with God!!!